Ketamine for Chronic Pain

Pain Management in Flower Mound Texas

Pain is a relatively common medical condition effecting millions of people everyday. 

Types of Pain:

We can divide pain into two categories:

  1. Acute pain: Usual response to any injury. The pain can start suddenly, but normally it is short-term and self limiting.
  2. Chronic pain: Pain which continues past the duration for normal healing to occur in the body.
ketamine treatment for chronic pain

Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Nerve Pain

It is well established that ketamine has excellent properties to relieve acute pain. Ketamine is widely used in the peroperative setting to treat pain in both the pediatric and adult population. Ketamine is now being used in low dose infusions to treat chronic nerve pain. Pain management Flower mound offers ketamine treatment for pain at Ketamine Wellness Institute. The results have been very promising and patients have had significant results in their chronic nerve pain symptoms with ketamine. 

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Ketamine has had particular success in treating neuropathic like complex regional pain syndrome, postherpetic neuralgia (shingles) and phantom limb pain. Other pain conditions that ketamine can help with is fibromyalgia.

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